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Laura's return
According to RC, Laura will be in for a surprise when she returns to PC and witnesses something unexpected. She'll reunite with her family and Luke. Her return touches on GH's famous history and she's hiding something.

The Qs and ELQ
According to RC, the battle for ELQ is heating up and it's Ned/Tracy vs AJ/Michael. Tracy pulls in Sonny. Carly gets pulled in too because of the info that Heather found at Thanksgiving. Ned wonders to Tracy if it's possible there is another Q heir. Based on her reaction, Carly might know. Look for Connie to be a wild card too.

According to RC, Johnny is resigned to jail but Todd wants nothing to do with it. Carly has written both off but does Todd still have a shot with her? RC doesn't think Todd ever gives up especially when his back is against the wall.

RC asks will Lante discover that Maxie isn't carrying their baby? Will Maxie keep the secret and let Lante believe it's their baby? Can Ellie and Spin get past his sleeping with Maxie on NYE?

RC says both guys will try to woe Anna in their own way. Duke wants to separate himself from the Faison/Duke image that Anna has. He isn't pushing like Faison/Duke did. He wants to set up a new life and it should be an interesting road for Duke.

According to RC, Britt wants to keep her hooks in Patrick. Her stumbling block, besides Sabrina, is Emma. She realizes that she needs Emma to like her if she's going to keep Patrick. She tries but it leads to a big crisis involving Emma.

RC says Sam will be pulled into a mystery that keeps her in John's orbit.

RC says Liz is tiptoeing toward friendship with AJ and she stumbles onto a health crisis with AJ, something others are not aware of, and it will bond them. She will be the one that he is willing to open up to.

RC says they're enjoying their sexy time and the romance is moving ahead, but they'll get involved with other things with Shawn's working for Sonny and Alexis as a lawyer.

RC says there will be drama. They're engaged but with SR leaving their happiness has to come to an end somehow.

RC says Lucy will be in a big jam that may split her focus from the Nurses Ball. He also called her the heart and soul of the NB.

RC says that Molly's book still has Connie's name on it right now, which still bugs Molly, but she and TJ might have a new problem to deal with.

Source: Paula @ SNS
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