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Quoting limited to 4 levels deephim, he's trying to get her to fall in love with a fake version of himself that he's pretending to be. I mean, isn't that why some people here have taken to calling E.J. "Everett" lately -- because he's not acting like himself?

Spending time with a person so that they will hopefully fall in love with you might be normal, but misleading that person into believing that you are someone whom you are not in order to get them to fall in love with you isn'tweSami to currently believe that he's pretending to be someone whom he's not, I've never claimed otherwise. I've only been disputing the belief that E.J. has been completely honest with Sami and therefore has no reason to worry about any of his recent choices coming back to bite him in the ass this time. He hasn't been completely honest, and Sami couldthis post. Even if we dismiss the one about the job -- which I believe that he was never completely honest with her about, but for the sake of argument, we can just ignore that one -- there's still plenty of stuff that he's done recently that she isn't aware of and would likely not be happy about.

I just don't think that the audience is supposed to believe that E.J. has changed. Whether you love or hate E.J. is irrelevant -- the writers have gone to great lengths to show us that he hasn't
Agreed, it's just that plenty of characters in Salem have similar benign secrets currently and they don't make them evil. Currently, Will is the biggest deceiver onscreen.
But I'm fairly certain that I have never claimed that these secrets made him evil. His past actions, and the fact that he hasn't truly changed, make him evil, but that's neither here nor there. My point has always been that E.J. has been deceiving Sami, and therefore, the claims that all of his cards are on the table this time, and that he has done nothing that could come back to bite him on the ass and ruin his latest chance to "get the girl", are wrong.
And we shall disagree and its all good! Good talk! :cheers:

(Oh, but I forgot to mention earlier -- I definitely wouldn't say that Will is the biggest deceiver when, even if we ignore E.J., we still have people like Nick, Kristen, Kate, and Gabi running around Salem, all of whom have more to hide than Will does [at this point, he really only has his involvement in E.J.'s shooting to hide, unless I'm just forgetting something in my sleep-deprived state], but we can agree to disagree about that, too. :cheers: )
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