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I really enjoyed the Will scenes at the hospital. Nice touch with him feeling his little girl kick. I am finally feeling that he understands that his initial decision to not be part of this child's life and giving it up to be raised by Nabi just was never going to work. I'm glad that he's finally making his feelings known and I'm glad that it looks like Nick is the one that will try to control the situation and that Gabi does want to keep Will in the loop FOR NOW. I just feel that Nick is showing his controlling side more and more and sooner or later..it's only a matter of time before Gabi feels suffocated and realizes exactly how wacko this guy is.

I enjoyed the Will/Rafe scenes and I just wonder what will happen now. It's obvious that Rafe even noted that Nick is not all there, that was interesting? I wonder if Nick will convince Rafe that Will is not fit to be part of this child's life because he tried to kill Ej...frankly that shouldn't bother Rafe, since Sami tried to do it and he covered for her.....I do wonder if sooner or later Rafe will be on Will's side of this just because he realizes that Nick is more of a danger than anything else, to his sister and the child. I thought Rafe and Will were going to be on opposite sides of this entire story, and to have them make up so soon is really something I didn't expect. Not to say they won't again be pissed at one another later, I'm sure Nick will try to make that happen down the road, but something tells me that what I imagined was going to happen might not happen at all and I guess I'm grateful for that, since Tomlin usually is very predictable, so who knows. This is the ONLY story that I like at the moment, it seems to be well thought out and affects so many people on canvas.

Loved the Justin/Adrienne/Sonny stuff and the Justin/Adrienne with a side of Lucas stuff at the square....boy they really should be part of this story more....please feature them writers!

It's no surprise to anyone that I enjoyed the Lumi scenes right? They are just so good. AS and BD have this natural chemistry and they know their characters so well that the entire scene just was perfection. I loved Lucas' one liners, loved the fact that they agreed to be a united front for Will's sake and loved that she actually agreed with him that alienating Gabi/Rafe might not be such a good idea if they intend to be part of this child's life..... Hysterical that they toasted to being grandparents and finally LOVED the very last line out of Lucas' lips....BD played it perfectly...Lucas looking straight in Sami's eyes and saying, "Sometimes love just isn't enough"....she knew exactly what that referred to, it wasn't just about Wilson here, it was about them too.....he quickly departed and she just looked like she was hit with so much truth in that moment....kudos to both Bryan and Ali for making me remember why I will always have a very soft spot for Lumi.

Abby's mention of her virginity is getting to be annoying....just lose it already, so we don't have to hear about it over and over again....

Finally Wilson. I've mentioned how I like Wilson, I think they are fine, but I don't LOVE them. They play well off each other, but they are far too vanilla for my liking. But knowing what's coming with the spoilers has lead me to look at them in a new light. I truly think the next couple of months with the fallout from this baby thing hitting them and the stuff I know about Brian and all that will really make the story much more exciting.....I thought their kiss was nice, in the hot factor it hit about a 7 for me...so it has room for improvement but I am liking them much more lately....I'm glad to see that both still deeply love one another....it makes the story that much more interesting.
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