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I liked almost everything about yesterday's show.

I liked the super hott EJAMI makeout scene and the fact that EJ put the brakes on, but in a way that Sami could understand and was not offended by.

I liked Lucas's short hair and the love/hate relationship he and Sami have going on. It was nice seeing Lucas not yelling at her with furrowed eyebrows like normal and I like how laid back and comfortable Sami is around Lucas.

I liked crazy ass Nick and how he perfectly rides the line between psycho, obsessive freak and caring, doting boyfriend.

I liked Will's instant love for his baby girl when he saw and felt her move and I liked his interaction with Rafe. Even though I prefer the douchebag version of Rafe... it would be out of character for him to completely shun Will.

I LOOOOVED Will telling Sonny that he wants him to be a part of his daughter's life. When he said "there's something else I want", I thought he was just going to say "you.", not that he wanted him to be a part of his daughter's life. That was so sweet. And that kiss.... Dayyymm! Pretty freaking hott. It was the perfect combination of sexy and romantic and sad and heartbreaking. I also really really like that Will is accepting the blame and admitting it was his fault that they split, because in Salem no one EVER takes the blame even if they clearly did something wrong.
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