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Sammie Jo
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Jan 24 2013, 04:15 PM
:sarcasm: :sarcasm: :sarcasm: :sarcasm: :badmood: (This is just my Opinion...Sorry guys if I'm taking jabs @ some of your favs, but I can't stand this shit)!!!

Why in the hell do they insist on pairing this damn Crash-Test Dummy with a man? What in the hell is wrong with her taking a fucking break from men to SERIOUSLY get better? I'm shocked that Faith even knows who she is!!

WRITERS, ALL women on Y&R do NOT need puss&@s in the form of MEN to complete them!! Why can't Whimpy-ass Chelsea, Stupid-ass Sharon, Syphilis, & Dingy-ass Avery be by themselves for a while? Why must we endure:

* Phyllis going back to a man she Cheated on...REPEATEDLY
* Sharon drooling over a BABY NAPPER/ Threw away evidence that could have FREED her
* Avery fucking her sister's husband BEFORE he could SAY the damn word DIVORCE
* Chelsea moving on to CANE: I swear...Does ALL of Chloe's friends have to fuck Cane? Is it some kind of Gang initiation? (Amber/Chloe)
I hope you feel better now! That was definitely the rant of the month award worthy. lol
Avery was by herself, she wasn't involved with anyone else, except for a little tryst with nick once before, although, I agree, she should have waited until the divorce was final.
I also agree, that these women should all be by themselves for awhile, I have never seen so much turnaround romance in my life.
They are soooooooooooo in love, then they breakup and 3 days later they're sooooooooooo in love with someone else and it's not just the women. Jack falls in love with every woman who crosses his path and shows him the slightest bit of attention, Nick can't be without a lady love for more than a day, Victor & Nikki are always involved with someone else and then doing the yo-yo dance with each other, watching those two is like watching a tennis match.
Neil's another one, don't let a pretty girl pass in front of his line of vision, he's always trying to replace dru, not gonna happen and it shouldn't.
Adam, soooooo in love with Chelsea, but he wants sharon by his side, :huh: okay, WHATEVAH!
The whole town needs group psychiatry.
Aside from that, I do think the show is getting better, I'm more interested in it than I have been for years, except for the teen stories and the ultra idiotic Kevin scheme-arama.

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