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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Jan 24 2013, 09:45 PM
Well, today was one amazing episode for me.

Ejami was hot has hell! I'm still a little speechless thinking about it. The flip on the couch and the grinding... :wow: EJ has some skills! He was such a sweetheart stopping it when he did. He was right; she was still emotional from everything and he wanted them to have sex when it was right. Sami looked gorgeous in that negligee and :laugh: at EJ in his bed. Looks like someone in the makeup department refused to cover up his tats. Whoever it is deserves a :whack: .

Wilson was just amazing. That kiss was hot. That was the first time I truly felt the heat with those two.

Lucas was... well Lucas but someone had to say what he did in regards to everything. That seems to be his role these days. Not exactly the voice of reason but what so "the other side" might think.

Nick is still creepy as hell. Even Rafe figured it out.

Love the Kiriakis family moment.
Yeah - given that EJ kept his shirt on during the make out scenes and was tucked in like a burrito during the bed scene it would seem the person responsible for handling the full body make up/tat covering called out sick or something. Damn them! :bleep:

I loved the episode - pretty much all of it. The EJami couch toss/bump and grind was all kinds of sexy. Hot damn...AS has a tough job. :rolleyes: I loved Everett's heartfelt ILY and the look on his face when he opened to door to Lucas was adorably hilarious. The phone call at the end was very sweet - but made awkward by the fact that it looked like Everett was burrowing for the winter. :laugh: Sami's negligee was gorgeous - AS looks fabulous.

I didn't see EJ's convo with Chad as gloating - and I actually thought I might after reading other's comments about it. Chad asked him point blank if he was so happy because of progress with Sami - I thought his answer and demeanor was appropriate as a response. He IS happy with how things are progressing - and rightfully so. And no doubt he's waited a long time to have a front row seat to watch Sami finally see and acknowledge Rafe as the judgmental douche he's been lately.

The Lumi scene was great - I really enjoyed their toast to grandparent-hood. I do think Lucas came off as judgmental at first - but given that he was aggravated at Sami for alienating Gabi (and Rafe) and the impact that could have on their situation it made sense. Sami handled it maturely, so that helped.

Sonny and Will were heartwrenching. Freddie Smith is doing a good job showcasing Sonny's pain and confusion. Justin/Adrienne are always a treat.

Chandler Massey did a terrific job showing the light bulb switch on for Will in regard to his baby. The change in his attitude - the excitement and joy at seeing her and talking about her - very, very sweet. I thought the scene with Rafe was nice - on both parts.

Nick is still creeping me out. As he should be. Gabi bugs me with her passiveness - both with Nick and with Will. She's just so blah...and I can't decide if that's the character or the actress. Abby popping over to talk about being a virgin was...odd. :unsure:
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