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Don't forget Kristen is still in it.

I have to get all conspiracy theory for a minute (forgive me).

Last Chance Kitchen doesn't seem to be loved by the fans. It needed something to call attention to it. And so they controversially send home Kristen, editing it so it seems that Padma said Josie's name first (which to my recollection they've NEVER done), creating this potential Kristen vs. Josie grudge match. Then Josie goes home...to battle Kristen in LCK.

I call shenanigans on that whole deal. I get that Kristen gave them a reason to boot her, but I think it was all producer-driven in order to help create more drama on the main show (in part what they've done is made it more of a toss-up as to who will win because Kristen was dominating) and drive more viewers/positive attention to LCK as fans hope it saves Kristen. And I know that Tom C. has been adamant that there's no producer interference, but I wonder if they made him feel better about it by giving him a way to hand-pick a finalist since he's the only judge on LCK, right?

It's all a little fishy and annoying, imho. Which sucks because I think they found great cheftestants this year.

I don't even know who I want to win. I think I'm still rooting for Kristen.
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