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SOD Sweeps 2013

Hope/Liam/Steffy: Hope and Steffy each try and convince Liam that they are right for him. Things get more complicated when their mothers get involve. Prepare for a shocking outcome.

Maya/Dayzee/Marcus/Carter: Maya wants answers from Dayzee about her baby. Dayzee continues to try and hide the truth about her past to Marcus and his adoptive brother. Will they find out the truth? Tension run high as Dayzee comes clean. Through Maya's tragedy,she finds love.

Forrester Creations: Thomas struggles to find his place at FC with Eric as CEO and Rick as president. Rick and Thomas don't see eye to eye on anything and Rick would like nothing more than to see him gone. Don't count Thomas out yet, he and Taylor remain key players in FC.

Eric/Taylor: They find comfort in each other and a romance begins. Will their romance put their families to the test? As Taylor romance blossoms with Eric,she finds herself in a position of power.
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