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Wow, my eyes must have glazed over from the John and Marlena overacting, I didn't see Eric and Brady pulling off of collars and throwing chairs.

I must rewatch. It was probably the only interesting thing that happened.

I love Marlena, find John to be "meh" and thought he was much hotter with Kate. Bring on the tomatoes!
No tomatoes from me. I loved John and Kate.

I also loved RoboJohn and I'd much rather have had him return than the John and Marlena version.

lTA! Can you imagine how pissed off that would make Sami? LOL!
Maybe, but I recall Sami telling will to go talk to someone and rattled off a list of names, including Marlena.

John/Marlena scenes were ridiculous.

I hope they find something more interesting for Kristen.
Yes, and Yes. Kristen's being wasted on J&M.
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