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Jan 24 2013, 04:29 PM
Jan 24 2013, 04:11 PM
Frankly when Rafe was playing daddy to Ej's kids I heard enough of how he was in that story and he shouldn't be and yada, yada, yada and they have a father, etc.......same shit now....in reversed roles...
the diffrence its ej and is allowed playing daddy to lucas kids :sarcasm:
The difference is Ej isn't trying to keep Lucas from being a father.

It is so strange to me that you think this way about Nick, whom I think is Looney Tunes, but EJ is also a kidnapper, a rapist, a murderer (he shot that Lady Policeman working for the SPD) and he shot her face to face in front of others. He has been into drugs, and I mean the selling of them, cause he sold the business to Vivian's son when he was here from Australia, Brent or what ever his name was. and has kidnapped Rafe and kept him in a prison cell in the dungeon part of the mansion, and kept him drugged up. I have no use for him, and for Nick either. But I do not understand how anyone can figure EJ is so wonderful when he was responsible for the kidnapping his own daughter, kept her from Sami, and threw her clothing into the river forcing her to think that her sweet little Sydney was dead.... Just don't blink twice in a row, EJ will tear the place apart in that length of time.
Has Will done anything to Nick to cause him to want revenge on him?

Ej and Sami have done a lot of things to each other and to others.

Nick and Ej aren't the same person with the same motivations.

If Nick wasn't pulling a Rafe or being a homophobe folks just might have loved him, too.

Right. And it's not only that he's Will's father, but his own personal story has certain parallels from the male/father perspective with Will's current situation. Will is the one on the outside looking in, and Lucas is the only one in this story with that perspective. Sami is the one who kept Lucas on the outside, she can give that perspective in relation to Gabi, but Lucas is needed as the one who had his child kept from him by the child's mother for the first years of his life and what being a father meant to him once he knew Will was his child. I would think as Will is in the Lucas role, that Lucas would be paramount to this story.
I don't think Lucas is the only one who's had a mother keep their children from them.

Lucas is his father and Lucas should be the man Will turns to. I love EJ; I just think Lucas is the more appropriate choice for this story.
Eventually. Often it's easier for someone to go to a friend, or a brother than their parents, especially if they think they've disappointed them.

Right now, Will thinks he's disappointed his parents, and frankly, he has and that's why it's easier for him to talk to EJ than either Sami or Lucas.
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