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Jan 25 2013, 02:42 PM
My big issue right now is that you have the Nick/Gabi/Will episodes that feel SO cohesive and then you have the everything else episodes with Marlena/John/Kristen/Brady, Nicole/Eric, Chloe/Daniel/Jennifer, etc. I need these stories to cross over more. Also, I think Kristen is being wasted by simply having her only in this one story. IMO, Kristen needs to decide to subtly secretly "mentor" Nick on how to take Will's baby away as a means of sticking it to Marlena some more.
I totally agree they are wasting Kristen by having her involved in only the one story. She should be sprinkling her wickedness subtly around town causing all kinds of wrinkles for Marlena and John's family. Ej is neutered so lets has some more fun with Kristen.

I'm tired of Maggie being overused in Jennifer and Daniel's story. Bring in Hope for a new voice once in awhile.

Father Matt!

Good cliffhanger with Nicole. I want to know what her plan is.

Brady and Eric were a good time. Love the battling bros and Eric yanking off the collar.

John is just an idiot. Marlena should be smacking him rather than throwing her arms around him crying.

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