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Jan 25 2013, 03:11 PM
Right. And it's not only that he's Will's father, but his own personal story has certain parallels from the male/father perspective with Will's current situation. Will is the one on the outside looking in, and Lucas is the only one in this story with that perspective. Sami is the one who kept Lucas on the outside, she can give that perspective in relation to Gabi, but Lucas is needed as the one who had his child kept from him by the child's mother for the first years of his life and what being a father meant to him once he knew Will was his child. I would think as Will is in the Lucas role, that Lucas would be paramount to this story.
I don't think Lucas is the only one who's had a mother keep their children from them.
No, he's not - but he is Will's father, which no matter which way you spin it, puts him in more direct line with Will than EJ. And so for that reason, I also agree that he would be paramount to this story. And so far, it's looking like he won't be. I question whether the spoilers about Nick finding out about Will and Lucas will have anything to do with Lucas, or with Will and Lucas, if they realize what Nick is doing, together deciding how to scheme their way out of the trap. I just fear that won't happen (please show, prove me wrong).

There are many reasons for EJ's involvement in this story, reasons that span the spectrum from plot driven to more character-driven/organic. For better or worse, EJ for whatever reason has helped Will in the past, so it's not totally out of left field that he should help him now. And he is also a lawyer, conveniently, which puts his character in more direct position to logistically effect change or handle the custody bits. I think it's also a way for Ejami to get propped a little, to show EJ and Sami scheming together, to show EJ on Sami's side, to show Sami appreciative of EJ's help, etc. I think all those factors are legitimate and at play here.

I just worry that Lucas will be squeezed out to make room for EJ, and that is the eternal poppycockery that irritates the hell out of me. I agree that right now I can understand Will not turning to his parents or anyone in his family so heavily. I just hope that you are right and that eventually Lucas does become consistently involved. I just fear he won't be, given the little air time Lucas is given in general, BD's tweets, and how the thrust of the story seems at least partially substantially focused on Ejami. Lucas has a very valid, legitimate place in this story. And so far we have had many scenes of Rafe, EJ, Sami talking about Will, and just one of Lucas and Sami discussing Will (thankfully Lucas was the first to discuss the baby with Will, and I was thrilled about that. I just hope it isn't the last convo we see in awhile). And then there are spoilers that at least ostensibly seem focused on Sami, Rafe and EJ. I just fear the show isn't interested in inserting Lucas or even Kate into this story, or in showing Lumi in any kind of partnership throughout. It's a realistic fear given the apparent momentum or thrust of the narrative - I really, really hope I am proven wrong.
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