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I haven't been watching lately - really can't stand to watch the destruction of John as a devoted and loving character. Say what you will about DH's acting, I've always believed - from Roman through to RoboJohn - that he is a forgiving and caring person and what's being depicted right now bears no resemblance to that at all.

That said, can someone tell me - did Kristen witness the J&M scene? Or part of it? I ask because what if this IS a red herring, thrown to a) stir up fans' anger and therefore interest (as the writers haven't mastered in years the concept of angering fans without destroying the characters...I was angry during the original J&M&K run in the late 1990s but as stupid as John was he was mostly IN character) and b) as a plot line that involves lulls Kristen into a fall sense that she has won? Otherwise this seems utterly ridiculous and so far out of John's character he might as well still be RoboJohn.
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