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Friday CAN/Monday US JJB1974 @ SOC

Nikki calls her Doctor which Victor witnesses but she says it was just her annual appointment.
Leslie sees the Congressman and she panics and leaves the club, she tells Tyler she saw him. The Congressman tells Victor he knows he is the one who used his daughter to setup Jack, that he also has investigators. He says Victor can make it up to him by convincing Avery to not take the murder case she is leaving town to work on. Jack goes to see Nikki to thank her for telling Victor to back off.

Victoria tries to convince Adam to make their Father CEO again that he will then be accepted by his family. Adam throws it her face that she blamed Sharon for losing the company but never took any responsibility for her role in it by suing her Father for $500 million that gave others the chance to take over. Vicky says she was owed that money, she had no choice. Sharon tells Adam that maybe he can hire Vicky to work along with him and maybe even hire Nick. That their attitude towards him may surprise him. Sharon goes to see Chelsea and tells her that Adam is miserable without her and not to make the same mistakes she did. She tells CHelsea to save Adam. Chelsea goes to see Adam and tells him he can have the mansion, Adam says he will throw out the prenup. Billy tells Vicky he can't help but feel for Adam.

Victor arrives home to see Jack there with Nikki and he tells her he was just there to thank Nikki. Adam goes to see Victor and tells him he is there to talk about family.

Michael and Lauren argue about Fen's guilt. She leaves and goes to the club. She has a conversation with the bartender Carmine who makes her laugh. Michael shows up and apologizes and they.


Sharon shows up at Nick's club and says just when you think you know someone(says it in a nice way). Nick says he is full of surprises.
Tucker tells Kay he is leaving GC
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