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Jan 25 2013, 09:54 PM
I think Adrienne did a nice job of ruining her own family when she accused her husband of child abuse. She did this, not me,

Preach it Brandi! I can't stand Adrienne or her sycophants blaming Brandi for Adrienne's troubles and it's disgusting the way she used her money to bully production to get the edit she wanted from the show. I hope they don't renew her for the next season.
I died when I read that quote :lol:

I'm so over Adrienne and her fakeness, I'm right there with you. They better not bring her back! (and take Taylor and Kim with her) If there's things in your personal life you don't want exposed, don't do a reality show! Don't go suing it after the fact to get it edited your way.

Putting aside that Brandi didn't actually reveal a "secret", she discussed something with people who already knew, nowhere was it released to the public the chance that she may not have used her own egg for the twins. Adrienne's dropped that bomb herself with her paid article. (aren't those wrong??) So who's really destroying what?

Child abuse is too serious an issue to use as a prop for a celebrity divorce. She's the lowest form of shit.
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