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Jan 25 2013, 10:52 PM
I loved that glass door storyline. Best part of that scene was Lucas yelling at that woman to stop screaming. It still makes me laughs.

TPL remains close in my heart because I joined boards when fanbases were all pretty cool and most of the convos were general. But when fans talked about that scene they always called it TPL and I had to search for what that meant. To this day I will never forget that Sami's first time was in the Titan Photo Lab.

When I think Of Marlena and Sami's confrontation, I'm not a Marlena fan but she owned that scene. DH plays raw emotiom like no other.

I miss non-sex symbol Sami so much. She was so much more awesome as Jan than the Marsha she is suppose to be now.
IA Sami was much more entertaining as the underdog the jan to Carries marsha lol
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