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Britch is such a good villain. Isn't connected to anyone, isn't crazy, just a normal everyday bitch. RC is writing this SL great and its one of my favorites. Thank god Britch isn't written like Lisa.. Oh god. Love Emma!!! Fucking amazing child actress!!! She has A LOT of talent!! She's amazing!

I'm getting sick of Connie everyday again. RC loves to shove characters like her and Heather up our throat.

By the way, Lucy and Heather scenes were amazing on the 18th!

Loving AJ/Carly. Damn, I ship Carly with everyone.

PLEASE WRITE OFF JOHNNY. He is so pointless now... Just send him off to jail. I'm sorry, but he really is pointless. His character is ruined for all the crimes he did.. Just write off.

HATE the PC storyline. While I liked PC, its different shows. I liked it when they were not connected. Plus, I feel like RC is ruining Lucy's character. From now on everyone is gonna think she's crazy. I hope Kevin fixes it!

Best soap!
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