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Goodness! I'm looking at that Marlena/sami confrontation and that's what I see. That scene laid out Sami's motivation. Her hatred of John/Marlena stemmed from her love and loyalty to her dad. Its what drove her. She would make sure her mother's fall from grace would not lead to her father's fall.

They tried to re play this with Sami and Will but it failed because it lacked that kind of substance. Will had no loyalty. He had no deep connection in that storyline. And it fell flat. Especially now that they've made Ej and Will buddy buddy. The deadbaby sex took one of Sami's core morals and destroyed it for nothing. Nothing was gained in that destruction. Nothing could be built on cause no foundation was laid. It damaged Sami's character but unlike John And Marlena's affair there was no point to it. No years of drama because it had no true substance to build the drama off of.

I wish they studied what makes a storyline havr longevity before they try and redo it.
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