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Jan 24 2013, 01:30 PM
All the other stuff doesn't shock me. Please tell me that someone will see that Gabi is a selfish b#%$#% that only wants her romance with Nick the... Yeah you know how to finish that sentence. She knows Will should be upset, but she won't risk her happiness for the sake of her own child or Will, whom she claims to care for as a friend. Please tell me that Abby finds out about why Chad hates Gabi so much and her walls come tumbling down soon after. Maybe Will could help with that. A murderer and a kidnapper as a parent is nothing to gloss over either!
If Will had been a better shot,he would be a murderer too.I think Will's deliberate attempt to kill EJ,covering up for Sami shooting EJ in the head,stealing information from Abe's computer,and helping EJ go on the run when suspected of murdering Stefano kind of evens him out with Gabi who tried to get Andrew to let Melanie go, did help Melanie escape in the tunnel,actually showed remorse for her crimes,and made plans to turn herself in to the police (unlike Stefano,Kate,Victor,Kristin,Sami,and EJ).As far as I am concerned Gabi is as entitled to be a parent as Stefano,Kate,Victor,EJ,and Sami.
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