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Jan 25 2013, 10:27 PM
Part of me is PISSED that neither ATWT nor GL ever received any sort of efforts to save them, or run them online. No one ever fought for them. They were just... canceled. And that was THE END.

But then OLTL and AMC get canned, and suddenly, everyone races to save the genre??

Even the press, pre-OLTL/AMC/PP stink, had rarely heard of a so-called "soap opera". But now? Every media site known to mankind has started posting "exclusive" casting news & behind-the-scenes "sneak peeks"... Where was all this care BEFORE the Prospect Park drama?!

It makes me SICK to know that my two favorite soaps got the short end of the stick.

I love AMC and OLTL but also love GL and ATWT and totally agree.

However, hasn't it been said that Telenext or P&G or whoever the hell owned them had no interest in selling, despite "claims" they were shopping the shows around.

Also, daytime is also looked at differently now. I honestly feel like it HAD to get down to what it did for everyone to start realizing daytime is dying and something needs to be done about it. Took 5 straight years of soaps being cancelled. It also is about damn time the press started recognizing the soaps and not treating them as the bastard step children of the networks. Having just four, IMO, made the networks actually take notice.

I do agree, I wish there were efforts made. I think both ATWT and GL, in capable writers, had SO much life left. It was just .. timing, I guess.
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Deadline: ‘Bold And Beautiful’ & ‘General Hospital’ Likely To Return As Soaps Stage Comeback · General Daytime News