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Jan 25 2013, 09:40 PM
Today was okay, too. For me the only story really dragging is the Parker stuff. It blows. And these nunuParkers make the last Sydney look like Meryl Streep.

I was back and forth for all of the John/Marlena interactions. I'd like it one second and hate it the next. I liked the way Deidre played most of it. I hated the way Drake played most of it. I hated her running to hug him, but I loved his response once she got there. I liked the Brady/Marlena scene and I liked the Kristen/John scene. John/Eric was a little weird. Okay...I need to know if anyone watching doesn't think John is just being an ass. I'm fully aware of my own bias here, so I'm trying to figure out if it's just my imagination, lol. So if you have an opposing opinion on that, please share.

Oh, one other thing. John said he was going to Italy to see if anything had changed (or something like that) since the last time they were there. I'm pretty sure the last time "they" were in Italy was in 2006 at the beginning of the vendetta. That gave me some hope that there's going to be a Stefano tie-in and maybe even what Kristen said about the John/Marlena stuff being for show will come to fruition. I haven't thought that at all until today, though.

Maggie is annoying.

I really liked the Eric/Brady stuff. Nicole also looked like a soap character today.
Parker has some personality and looks like an Oscar contender compared to Sydney.I thought I saw him shake his head when Daniel asked if he wanted to help open the door.He smilled when Daniel did the elevator thing in picking him up.He reached for the door knob when Daniel again said something to him about helping to open the door for Nicole.And as mentioned earlier he did the "side eye"look when Chloe mentioned them moving in with Daniel.His behavior appears to be consistent with a two year old being around new people and will like get better the more he works with the cast.
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