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Be that as it may (and it's 100% true), I do think he will pop up at some point to contribute his $.02. I enjoyed his scenes with Will last week or the week before when he was telling Will to basically man up and take some responsibility (and yes, he was yelling then too). With Kate recently having 'lost' Parker, you'd think that Lucas would find a willing scheming partner in her to take on Nick and ensure that Will gets to keep his daughter, especially since Nick and Kate had that recent spat about his job application.
the problem lucas should not just pop up he should be big part of the story and if lucas is nonimportant to story to be big part of it to that logic neiter should sami be important to story too
I agree that Lucas should have a bigger role to play in this storyline, I think the main problem is that Tomlin considers the character to be irrelevant. It's hard to overcome that kind of obstacle, IMO. Hell, Tomlin is not even bothering to write scenes for Lucas and Kate in any real capacity. That can't be good.

I don't think that Will accepting advice from EJ or EJ wanting to help Will equals EJ usurping Lucas' fatherly role, though. Let's face it, when this whole baby thing came out of nowhere both Lucas and Sami got pretty excitable about the whole thing while EJ can look at it from a less personal, more detached POV. It was the same thing when Will came out, Sami and Lucas freaked while EJ calmly let Will know he was on his side and could be counted on for support. Will is a young adult who is well aware of who his parents are and he doesn't see EJ as a fatherly figure, but rather more of a mentor that at times he's on the outs with. Completely different from say Johnny/Allie/Sydney and their relationship with Rafe, which due to their young ages resulted in him very much being a replacement father to them.
Lucas didn't freak when Will first came out. He was surprised, I guess, caught off guard a little - but that convo he and Will had when Will first came out was very understanding. It wasn't until later that the writers decided he should have an issue with it. Sami did freak out, however, and left the room.

While yes ideally, I would like EJ to have no part in this story, I realize that is not exactly reasonable: He has helped Will in the past, he is a lawyer, it's part of the Ejami reconnection storyline, it's EJ so he can't not be front-and-center in a big storyline, etc. I am not sure if I think of this as EJ "usurping" Lucas's fatherly role - maybe a little. But my concern is more from a show perspective, that to make room for EJ and his-related story bits within this storyline, there just isn't room for Lucas to figure prominently. It's Ejami plotting and scheming and not Lumi plotting and scheming, or even Lucate plotting and scheming, etc. And that is my concern and source of unhappiness/annoyance, should that come to pass. While I understand that Lucas isn't exactly a primary player on the show, in THIS storyline he does have a very valid, important and legit place. He is very much relevant. So should he figure marginally in the story - a fear informed by Lucas's general lack of airtime, the fact that I very much agree the writers consider him irrelevant (which is bullshit), recent tweets and spoilers (which I realize aren't gospel, but they aren't painting a great picture) - I won't be happy. I just hope I am pleasantly surprised.

And if it turns out EJ and Sami are making all the decisions and shown having all the discussions (esp. discussions which lay people and not just lawyers are capable of conducting), and Lucas is involved only occasionally at best, then I say in this storyline, yes that WOULD be EJ usurping Lucas's fatherly role. Or at least the show placing priority on one relationship over another. While understandable and something I should just swallow and get over, t'would still suck.
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