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Jan 25 2013, 07:41 PM
Jan 23 2013, 03:14 PM
NE Spoilers for the week of Feb. 4th

Steffy gives Liam an ultimatum that has greater meaning than he knows

Thomas calls Hope out on her recent attitude change

Taylor's years of built-up resent of Brooke are unleashed

Bill realizes his schemes have all be in vain

One couple's future looks rosy while the another's looks grim


SNS Spoilers for the week of February 4 - 8

After presenting Liam with an ultimatum, Steffy is stunned when he asks her to move out so he has space to think about his future.

Despite Taylor's urging, Steffy keeps her pregnancy a secret from Liam.

Brooke encourages Liam to reconcile with Hope.

Taylor's years of built-up resentment toward Brooke are unleashed.

Brooke is warned by Bill, to not not to underestimate Taylor.

Taylor and Eric get closer.

Eric names Thomas Vice President, and Rick is not pleased.

Thomas is cold to Hope.

Dayzee's past starts to intrude in her personal life.

COMING: Valentine's Day will probably bring trouble for some couples.
:puke: Why didn't Liam tell HOEBAG, "HOEPELESS to stop coming around so that HE could decide his future? He actually has the tenacity to treat "MY GIRL STEFFY" like that? OHHHHH, That rips my ass. I hope, now, more than ever that "TAYLOR tells Liam about the Baby. That he goes to Steffy & asks her to move back in, for the sake of their baby. Than she can tell him, "I'm glad that you know about our baby, but I can & "WILL" raise our baby alone." She should also tell him, "You FLIP FLOP" to much & are not stable enough mentally to help me to raise our child". Let him be the one to chase STEFFY. Than maybe "HE" will finally know what it feels like "TO WANT". :moon: :flipoff:
I would LOVE to see Steffy walk away from Liam. Let him and Hope get really close again and then have the preg come out and watch them choke on it! Let Hopes whole world fall apart again and Liam stand there looking dumb some more. Ooh, I cannot wait til Bill finds out, he's gonna push Liam more than ever. Of course that will create problems for him and mental case Katie and she'll have to run away again. This might get interesting if written right...
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