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Jan 26 2013, 12:07 PM
On paper, yes Brian probably would be a catch (not counting the lie he's about to tell), but Sonny is already in love with Will and has been for a while. You love who you love. Even if Brian didn't turn out to be a jerk, Sonny is already past the point of no return in regards to Will. Just like Kayla was with Steve. I'm hoping that whatever happens with Sonny and Brian...that maybe this helps him to realize that Will really is the one that he wants, warts and all. I still don't see how this all is going to play out though. Will and Sonny just kissed, basically showing that Sonny is still conflicted...he still wants Will even though he's angry. But then we know that he is going to go out with Brian and they kiss, but nothing more. I don't even see how he'd be interested in going out with anyone right now but...whatever. I wonder if they are still seeing each other come Valentine's Day, because apparently Will is alone and sad. I'm just wondering what happens in between this kiss and Valentine's Day. I guess Sonny is still not forgiving Will at that point? Or is Will not talking to Sonny because he thinks he has moved on?
More than likely, Brian comes along and sees that Sonny is down in the dumps. He obviously knows why (since the whole town knows about the wedding and baby) so he suggests they do something in an effort to take Sonny's mind off his problems. Sonny probably welcomes the distraction and there you have it. I'd be very surprised if Brian is still around come Valentine's Day and if he is, I doubt it will be in any capacity other than as a friend. Sonny obviously dones't respond to the kiss the way Brian would prefer; but that's not necessarily the end to their friendship either. I only hope Will speaks to Sonny about Brian, the kiss and the lie instead of moping around Salem. We know he talks to Justin and he will probably also talk to Marlena who has more time on her hands with John out of town. Then there is the upcoming reappearnace of T. He's played matchmaker in the past (twice now?) so he may be going for a hat trick next month. Then there are the wild cards of Chad and Abby who could work them both to help expedite a reunion since Sami, Lucas, Adrienne and Justin all seem to be staying above the fray for now. Whatever happens in the next few weeks, I have no doubt that they will be back together by the time the baby is born.
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