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I'm kind of anxious for this Will/Justin conversation. I really wish that someone would address the similarities between Justin and Will. Even if Justin didn't know for sure that Angelica was carrying his child, I'm sure he had his suspicions and I don't think he let on to Adrienne about that. I don't remember the story well but I'm pretty sure he kept his affair secret, no? I really want Justin or Adrienne to speak up about what they were feeling during that time, and how they got through it. I still can't see T as matchmaker given the way he treated them both not that long ago. I like T now, but it just isn't realistic, although I do kind of hope to see him again. I think Abby would make the most sense, since she is cousin to both Will and Sonny. If they don't involve her somehow in their reconciliation, then I think they are missing the boat. It just makes sense. I agree about Will moping around town again. So tired of that. Maybe the happiness he has over the baby will kind of even the sadness out so that it isn't as pronounced. Actually, once he sees Sonny kissing Brian and thinks they slept together..maybe we'll get a more angry Will instead of mopey? I'd rather he were angry I think, than crying all the time....even though I do think he cries better than anyone on this show. :)
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