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1/28, Eric sympathizes with Taylor; Hope takes advantage of Steffy being away to spend time alone with Liam; Bill watches Katie and Brooke's interaction together and is torn by his feelings for both of them.

1/29, Brooke is taken aback when Hope confronts her about Bill; Bill confides in Justin about how his feelings are torn; Pam and Donna are suspicious of Taylor; Rick goes out of his way to ruffle Thomas' feathers.

1/30, Taylor is heartbroken that Thomas has decided to leave L.A.; Marcus and Maya almost run into each other; Pam suggests to Eric that she may be taking an interest in him romantically; a stranger arrives at Forrester Creations looking for Marcus.

1/31, Marcus excitedly introduces his adoptive brother to Dayzee and the rest of his family; Steffy tells her life story to a stranger on a flight home; Taylor and Brooke argue over whom Liam will choose.

2/1, Brooke pleads with Liam to leave Steffy and to choose a life with Hope; Steffy tells Taylor about seeing Hope and Liam together just before she left for Paris; Hope is confident that Liam will choose her.
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