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Jan 26 2013, 10:39 AM
Jan 26 2013, 06:16 AM
Why do I get the feeling this is much about nothing? Sonny and Brian aren't listed in any other spoilers except this article. If it was that big of a deal surely I'd think there would be more spoilers on this . I'm expecting at most 2 scenes between them two next week. :rolleyes:
You're probably right. I think it just has to be enough for Will to see the kiss and then for him to think Brian and Sonny slept together. Once that is taken care of I'm thinking they won't really need Brian anymore. After Will thinks this, he'll probably avoid Sonny. By this time maybe Sonny will want to try things again with Will or maybe not.....but there will be this misunderstanding further separating them. Who knows. I actually kind of hope Brian doesn't stick around long. He's nice to look at but I already don't like his character. With him lying...I dislike him even more.
I can't stand Brian. I only welcome him at this point because I think Sonny needs to figure out what he wants and I welcome any character that might give Sonny at least a bit more focus. I am just not sure how much more focus this will really give him. Will has finally figured out what he wants and that is a future with Sonny and his child to be. I hope that we can see Brian be that wakeup call for Sonny that despite Will lying he can't imagine his life without him and wants a to be part of a future family with Will.

For the longest time I wanted Sonny to hook up with another guy so bad. But after this last episode, I'm ok with just a kiss :tounge: . Sonny is obviously still very much in love with Will. And Will is no doubt head over heels for Sonny. The way it ended between them was so incomplete. I don't take them as being broken up at all. But at the same time I don't think Will can get upset with Sonny trying to figure things out if he can forgive Will. I just wish we could see Will not give up even after fining out that Sonny slept with Brian (even though we know it's not true) and instead fight for Sonny. But I have this feeling Will instead will go into a corner and cry about it. That is not the Will I want to see. I want to see a Will that has fight in him.

I agree with LonePirate that I think Tad probably plays as role in helping Will find out that Sonny never slept with Brian and he once again helps Sonny and Will find their way back to each other. Maybe it's the sap in me but I am hoping Valentine's Day maybe ends of on happier note with Will and Sonny back together, even if it starts off rough. Maybe this prison guy stalks one of them aka OLTL style (what Nick did to Kyle). There are a lot of similarities story wise between Kish and Wilson...only IMO the chemistry is much better between Sonny and Will and the writing is so much better Wilson.
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