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Sammie Jo
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Jan 26 2013, 02:16 AM
Wow the last 2 episodes have set up a lot of what's coming. it's actually interesting. I looking fwd to the Leslie/Tyler s/l. I think I see what they are doing with Sharon now. By the end of this cycle, she will end up letting Adam go for the time being b/c he is obviously in love with his wife. It's a pretty painful sight though to see her lusting after Adam who is not interested in her at the moment. But I guess that is what she has to struggle with to become stronger? I can them teasing with some Shadam close calls, maybe some dates but I'm not so sure it will go much further than that....for now.
I know, I think the new writing is getting better and better!
Some people seem to want instant results with new writers, but you have to build up to things and put lots of twists and turns in the stories.
This new mystery caller with Nikki, what's that all about?
An architect going to work as a bartender? Really? Gotta be something to that, and the leslie/tyler mysterious backround, even though I don't like tyler, I can't wait to see what the deal is with that, has to have something to do with the dead mother, they mention her enough.
I think the new writers are doing very well, especially considering the pile of shit they inherited, they can't fix everything all at once.
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