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Jan 23 2013, 08:11 AM
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Jan 22 2013, 11:29 PM

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Gad, please no. I mean, February looks rather intriguing and interesting. Why? Because it's NOT full of the same old same old. I might have to start watching again!
I think the "does Sami still have feelings for Rafe" part played out in the near-couch sex/half-assed reunion in the church, while the "or is EJ really the man for her?" part is going to be playing out over the next several weeks. There's been too much of a heads up from Ali and (I still can't believe this) Ken Corday for me to try and play it out as anything but long-term (as long-term as it gets on this show, anyway). I don't see any thawing of Sami and Rafe's relationship in the near future, especially with this custody battle ahead of them. Sami lives for custody battles, and whoever is on the opposing side remains on her shit list for quite some time.
I also believe that they will go with EJami for a while and Rafe will probably be on Sami's shit list for a while, lol! Because it is a soap opera, I believe that no couple is safe for long- term they are all interchangeable!
Well, I don't hope that they give us EJAMI now only to have a heartfelt reunion with her true "love"/"barf" Rafe. That would really make me pissed. Not after all this crap we seen over the years.

I want EJAMI forever!
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