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Jan 23 2013, 10:12 AM
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Jan 22 2013, 07:47 PM
I'm OK with this if she never has sex with anyone else other than EJ ever again. If this is where Sami's lazy-susan vagina stops spinning then so be it, just stop this back and forth between men.
This is a soap so the chance of Sami never having sex with anyone else again is nada and the chance of this triangle being dead and gone is zip, zero and zilch.
I don't think anybody thinks Sami is never going to be with another man. It's a soap. Partner-switching and bed-hopping is par for the course. I'm just glad v 3.0 of the Ejamafe triangle seems to be coming to a close. It's been over 5 months of back and forth. It's time to move on.
V 3 of this triangle may be over, but I am guessing that v 4 will appear in the not too distant future. KC seems to like these triangles and not supercouples.
No enough triangles about "loving" Sami and who Sami loves, that includes Rafe, Lucas or EJ. Its been the only plotline for Sami/Rafe/EJ for years.. it needs to move on. Its better something else happens, something fresh- if EJ and Sami does get apart after being a couple - for real.

As I see it the only way the can go WHEN/IF it happens (this is a soap so its bound to happen at some point).. is that Sami does something that will put EJ on a hold..something so chocking that he decide to walk away from her (despite loving her). Now... THAT would be totally different. Something like that.. maybe losing their memory or something. A twin EJ shows up and stir things up? But no battle of the Rafe vs EJ vs Lucas for Samis love. Anything that does not repeat old history.

Sami could be all.. don't leave me.. i love you. he he... but maybe Ej finds someone else that is maybe more right for him and that has not played him or denied his feelings. A couple that does not have so much bad history (thanks writers.. :ermm: thanks a lot for doing that to my fav couple).. I would love to see a villain female character .. no saints.. EJ and saints does not match very well. .. although Jennifer and EJ does sound interesting .. ROLF JUST KIDDING. Anways.. someone Sami could battle against and become nasty. Maybe someone that begins as a friend to Sami.. but seduces EJ?
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