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Jan 26 2013, 05:23 PM
Jan 23 2013, 07:51 PM
^The one good thing about this and other spoilers is that hopefully it's an end to the triangle mess at least for now. EJ does something to piss Sami off next moth and Rafe is there to pick up the pieces, and we'll be right back at it of course. Or the Hugh Grant doppelganger goes away and Sami realizes that this EJ wasn't the true EJ but the fake EJ and the real true EJ can never match the sweet EJ fantasy, and blah blah blah, my head is spinning. But hopefully for now we can do away with the triangle insanity to focus/create some other, relatively new stories, that will springboard other, relatively new stories. That makes me happy.
Gosh no.. no more.. If EJAMI won't happen and it sback to SAFE after this or Lucas and Sami.. then please! have EJ move on ..

I love EJAMI but I do not want to see another round of EJAMI vs you know who.
I only said what I said because it's a soap and it's Sami so until the show goes off the air, I just can't be convinced there won't be another triangle or complication or hiccup or whatever involving her and her man/men in the future. And I am not just saying this because I dislike Ejami and want to try to undermine the reunion (although maybe that is a motivation existing in the deep dark recesses of my psyche somewhere). If she were reuniting with Lucas I would be thrilled certainly, but highly suspicious and counting the days until that changed for something else. As a fan of a paring as you are a fan of a pairing, I can understand your frustration and feeling that if doesn't stick this time, EJ should move on. For EJ's sake, should that happen, I kinda hope he does - he would be used better elsewhere. But as a soap fan and a realist, I just can't see something being final and done until Salem's last day. I could very well be wrong - we shall see.

But I still stick to my statement that, as much as I dislike this pairing, I dislike these things more: triangles, "I love him no I don't do you love him I don't know he is the one no he is no he is the one he was the one now he is the one"-type dialogue, Sweeney's "torn" faces and "exasperated"/"no I shouldn't" acting (which usually involves her mouth gaped open and it's a look I don't want to see), and my time wasted with so much focus paid to Sami and which man deserves her best and which man she deserves best. So if whatever is happening with EJ will put an end to that, and allow for OTHER, actually new (shocking!) stories to be told or developed for now, then I have to admit that does please me.
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