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Viewing Single Post From: EJ and Sami Have Sex!
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Jan 26 2013, 06:58 PM
Jan 23 2013, 10:48 AM
Wait is this like the fourth time they have slept together in 6.5 years? And never once has she told him she loves him, oh EJ you'll take any scrap and bit won't you?
That is actually not true. She told him she loved him a few days before their last almost-wedding. Granted it was after Rafe spurned her, but she did say it nonetheless.
Yeah. She's actually said it a couple of times. They are sort of momentous occasions in the land of Ejami so it's kind of hard to forget.

Sooooooooooo....these spoilers sound kinda fan-fucking-tastic :rockon: ...

....but whatevs. I'm cool. I don't let that kind of stuff affect me. B-)

Oh and I wouldn't want to watch some douchebag handle Sami Gene Brady with a "strong hand" in a million fucking years. Girlfriend needs to ride the crazy train freely and as often as she wants - preferably with someone else who likes riding it as much as she does. *cue EJ and Sami sex joke*
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