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Why keep it quiet? Sami was never one to be shy about her feelings or opinions....she's made her choice. I say go for it... go to the center of Horton Town Square and tell the entire town that EJ is her Mr. Wonderful! An audience never bothered Samantha Gene...she loves being the center of attention. Once again, Sami is written as the dumb stargazing bimbo believing EJ's every calculated word and move....we are replaying the same arrogant hard headed woman who's tunnel vision only sees EJ as her changed savior. She takes advice from no one, will do as she will regardless of the consequences. She prefers her rapist/abuser rather than the man who has loved her for years and been through hell for her. And as each day goes by and she is written more and more dispicably, we can truly say she deserves to be with her Mr. Wonderful....I wouldn't wish her on any other poor schmuck! :yawnz:
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