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Jan 25 2013, 07:23 PM
Jan 25 2013, 08:04 AM
Taylor and Eric? :sheep:
I'm really not in to Taylor starting to act like Brooke! She's getting so out of character and for her profession, she should put herself on the couch!!!! And I really don't want to see Taylor and Eric, although it would be interesting for when Ridge eventually comes back, to see how fast Taylor would dump Eric!!
Taylor has been acting like Brooke for years if thats want you want to call it. She almost slept with Eric before. She has been with Ridge and Throne. She has also been with Nick. Taylor slept with Rick, Storm, and Stephan so how is Taylor any different she worked her way through a couple of families. I am tired of people acting like Taylor is a saint. I mean she killed Darla then got close to Throne to the point of almost marrying him before the truth came out.
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