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Jan 26 2013, 05:52 PM
This Brandi stuff was before the divorce.

I have no problem with cursing, but her mouth is awful. Every other word out of her mouth is fuck.

This is coming from someone who was OBSESSED with Brandi until about 5 weeks ago.

She's fought with:

Doesn't she fight with Camille?

She's like Caroline from Jersey. OBSESSED with Conflict.

And Ken and Lisa are obsessed with taking care of down-trodden psychos with a sob story. Like What's his name.
But she claims this Brandi stuff is what caused the divorce, which from 3 seasons of this show is an insane accusation to make. Those two have never been happy!

Kyle has to be the second most bleeped person on the show, and the first person to play the prude at her language.

Kim and Kyle have still never apologized for their Game Night behaviour. They've made excuses and shifted the blame to her for the meth accusation. Kim has yet to take responsibility for her drunken behaviour instigating the entire affair and continues to blame her for problems caused by her disease. Twelves steps?

She called Taylor out on writing a book 5 seconds after Russell's death, as did the world. And questioned her abuse claims, as did the world.

She's fine with Paul.

Mauricio's a douche for yelling at a woman. And started it.

Fay? Oh now don't even try and start with that one :lol:

Camille? We'll see what happens there. She's been pretty fake for two years now.
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