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On another board i read that it was a real WTF couple but not likely to upset people so that probably eliminates Hope, because Bope fans would be upset and Daniel because no-one wants him with anyone, same with Roman. The couple are single so that eliminates Ejami, Jarlena, Bristen, Dannifer, Magic, WilSon, Nabi which leaves the following. Chad, Abby, Rafe, Kate, Cameron, Chloe, Nicole, Eric, Abe and Kayla. Nicole andf Eric are tied in with Bristen, Kayla and Abe wouldn't be WTF, ditto Abby/Chad or Abby/Cameron. Rafe/Chloe unlikely because Chloe is obsessed with Dan's magic penis. Rafe and Kate or Kayla or Abe with Kate seem the most likely. Since Kayla and Abe are rarely on I'll go for Rafe and Kate. They'd be WTF but relatively inoffensive.
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