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Jan 26 2013, 11:45 PM
Jan 26 2013, 06:38 PM
#Wilson fans...remember that "Fight for this Love" title I used a few weeks ago? Keep that in mind. #DAYS

btw,Ryan is the guy who usually writes the TV Source spoilers.
I'm kind of confused by this. Does that mean Will is going to fight for Sonny to get him back? Or is there an actual "fight" between Will and Brian? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! I think I'm excited.
That is exactly what I think. I think Will literally physically fights Brian or something like that and if so, I am so excited to see this play out :cheer: . I was thinking Will would go into a corner and pout but maybe he actually mans up even thinking Sonny did have sex with Brian. Will needs to be made into a stronger kick ass character again and this last week he started to return. I may be going too deep with this and probably way off but maybe Will does fight Brian and winds up in jail (not good for his custody battle) and in jail meets up with Nick's ex prison mate and that is when things change. Even though Will is in jail which isn't good for his custody, he finds out dirt on Nick? Then when he gets out Sonny tells him what Gabi did to Mel and Will tells Sonny about this guy and they now on the same team again start getting a custody case going with EJ and Justin as joint attorneys with this.
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