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Viewing Single Post From: EJ and Sami Have Sex!
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Jan 26 2013, 08:30 PM
Jan 26 2013, 03:16 PM
Jan 26 2013, 01:15 PM
Jan 26 2013, 12:37 PM
I read the whole article, and I particularly enjoyed GG's quote that Rafe goes over to Sami's to "lay down the law" to her. That encapsulates for me the relationship between Rafe and Sami.
I read the whole article too and GG said there were "many reasons" Safe was breaking up. I'm just hope they bring up these "many reasons" on the show, because if it's just about their reactions the baby, I'm going to be annoyed.
I read the entire article also and all I took away from it is that Safe get into another heated fight because Sami just won't stop berating his sister.....and frankly it seems to me that she realizes whatever she realizes still out of anger for Rafe....this is still more about Rafe being pissed at how she's treating his sister than it is about Sami loving either man. He probably calls her a name or two when he's defending his sister in the latest fight...it's just so stupid and it's a weak argument for her to be with Ej,...it really seems that Rafe saw something suspicious in Nick, it peaked his interest that he was so ready to hurry up and get married....I have a funny suspicion that once Sami gets over her anger at Rafe and once Rafe starts to have bigger issues with Nick and his controlling tendencies that Sami and Rafe will be seeing eye to eye on a way to help Will....Rafe appeared to be fine with Will...I'm sure by then Ej will think he's in a more committed relationship with Sami only to see Sami start to warm up to Rafe again....this triangle will start up again when Sami starts to thaw up to Rafe....

On the many reasons...what can they be? That he doesn't accept her for who she is....we've seen he does....she actually shot a man and he covered it up without blinking an eye....she's impulsive and he can't stand that, I highly doubt Ej loved the fact that her impulses led her to shoot to kill him....she lies, Rafe hates that and so do all the other men she's with, including Ej...he said that too a while ago, "I hate the Sami that lies to me"...frankly Ej has changed so much now to be with Sami that he can use the argument that she doesn't accept him for who he really is either....it's just a weak way to put these two together...it's more about Sami being pissed at Rafe for supporting Gabi that it is about her loving Ej and seeing he's the person she wants to be with.
I really haven't seen Rafe accept Sami for who she is. I see him accept her for who she is only when she's railing against EJ. I've never seen him accept her as she is otherwise. The minute she started being Scami Brady doing a little corporate espionage Rafe was totally against it. And that is just a little corporate espionage. Pffft.....small time for Sami G considering her history.

So yeah, I don't see it. Let me see him support her when she's scamming anyone else but EJ.

It's like EJ told her.....Rafe loves her in spite of the heat, but EJ loves the heat.
Frankly if I were to look at this with totally unbiased eyes (yeah....I'm trying here) all of her men, including my favorite for her, have always had some issues with Sami's behavior one way or another.

Ej-has no issues telling Sami he accepts her regardless of what she does, but has proven to do the opposite of that. When she does something he doesn't particularly like, or what she does hurts him specifically he tends to go out of his way to hurt her, take advantage of her and make her feel ike crap. Then when time passes and she thaws toward him he tries again and she does something stupid again, etc.....frankly the day he told her that he didn't like the Sami that lied to him, I thought to myself, 'which guy does?'....

Rafe-seems to be fine with her anger being targeted at EJ, but when her anger is targeted now at his sister, he has issues. I don't blame him one bit because frankly Sami proved to be very disloyal to him....after all he did for her, after putting his career and throwing his sister under the bus for her, how does she repay him? By sleeping with the guy that tried to kill him. He also had issues with her working for Kate but the issue was primarily coming from a good place, he didn't want Sami to fall target to Kate's revenge scheme again...I can't fault him for not wanting her to get hurt, if the person loves someone that is the objective of not being fine with something that person is doing.

Lucas-tends to be fine when Sami's schemes, tends to be fine if he schemes with her but like the rest has issues when the scheme ends up embroiling him and hurting him too. I can't fault him for that either, because it's also coming from a good place. I do have issues with him leaving when he didn't agree with something Sami did and that is why I was happy when he stayed after their wedding. But you know in my mind, it's what happens after the scheming that is important. Lucas never tried to go out of his way to hurt Sami after something she did hurt him....he simply walked away and said his peace.....and I love that about him...

In a way a relationship should build on the character and make the character a better person. It's not about changing the character, it's about character growth and I just feel that every time Sami is with Ej her character goes into dumb mode....perfect example, what she said about Kristen the other day and what she's about to do now.....
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