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Jan 27 2013, 12:14 PM
Well this just got lame. One couple being secret and wtf was awesome. One tired old couple (sorry Ejamis, just.... sorry) keeping it secret and another couple just being a random toss 'em together pairing is not awesome. I sorta had a feeling that a couple debuting on Valentine's Day was not going to be the scandalous taboo hookup I was hoping for, so I am going to abandon all of my earlier wild speculation and go with Kayla and Abe, because quite frankly I can't think of a less interesting hookup.
Yeah. An out of the blue couple on the DL was exciting. But it was too good an idea so OF COURSE they had to lessen the impact of the secret WTF couple by wasting the idea for no good reason on Ejami and have both sneaking around at the SAME TIME. Lame is to nice a word for how dumb this is.
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