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BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL: Taylor and Eric a couple? Say it isn't so!! Taylor feels more of a friendship for the grandfather of her children, but not so for Eric who's old feelings return from days gone by. Taylor is a bit confused how Eric is acting and is not sure if she is getting the right signals. Enter Ridge, who finally returns to straighten out Forrester and starts to wonder why one of his ex-wives is involved with his father and the other ex-wife is involved with his brother-in-law. Look for some interesting situations coming our way soon.....Will little Rosie be a victim of payback when Dayzee and Maya's battle comes to a head and Maya schemes to make Dayzee pay for the loss of her child......Here we go again, Hope wants Thomas and starts to flirt with him making Rick wonder why this guy always has women after him. Is this a ploy on Hope's part to make Liam jealous? Yes indeed and it just may work, as Mama Brooke plans a huge wedding hoping the two will reunite ala Puglia with a beach setting. Sadly for Hope and Brooke things do not turn out as they hoped when Steffy spoils the festivities and informs Liam that he is going to be a daddy. Can someone tell me why these writers keep coming up with the same old same old.

YOUNG & RESTLESS: All of you who are hoping that Fen gets what he deserves for being so cruel to Jamie you may just get your wish. Fen finally confesses to his parents what he did instead of trying to hide it. But that's not the end of this story, Michael and Lauren's struggle with Fen reaches a shocking climax. Michael takes a stand that threatens everything he has. The decision Michael makes has huge consequences for his marriage and family. Here's hoping that the situation with Fen does not tear Lauren and Michael apart. I will say it is about freakin time Christian LeBlanc and Tracey E. Bregman have a story that they can stick their teeth into.....Looks like TPTB are moving Sharon back with Adam again. Really? What happened to moving Sharon in a new direction of rehabilitating her? What happened to the bi-polar story that we have been hearing about? Is MAB still working on the show? Sharon and Adam are lethal together, so the question Adam will have to answer is does he want to re-enter a relationship with Sharon or try to win Chelsea back who is coming into her own as a single woman. Cane will be very impressed with what this girl can do......Dylan first plan of attack upon returning to Genoa is to connect with Avery, but there is a kink in his plan because of Avery's strong feelings for Nick. With the death of Congressman Wheeler's daughter, YR is setting up for a murder mystery that will involve Leslie and Tyler but also Lilly and Cane and draws in Nick, Avery and Dylan also.

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