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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Will Easton pull double duty on both shows? With TPTB investing time in the vampire storyline could McBain be a descendent of Caleb Morley? Is Lucy Imagining the whole vampire thing? With the arrival of Erin Hershey Presley that was secretly filmed and the introduction of her son Rafe (I find it ironic Alison named her son after her true love Rafe Kovich -vampire slayer) played by newcomer Jimmy Deshler, Lucy just not be off her rocker after all. Ron is going to make this story look like Lucy is imagining what happen and had a psychotic break. Alison comes to PC to tell Lucy that the vampires aren't real, but before Alison can talk to Lucy she is murdered and this sets off a murder mystery and we know how Ron loves mysteries! However, at the end of the arc, it will be left up to the viewers to decide what was real and what was all in Lucy's mind. All signs will point to vampires being a figment of Lucy's imagination but RC has plans to introduce two signs that vampires really did exist in PC.......The pacing on the arcs and stories can create an appearance that they are ending, but no so, in RC's world there are more twists and turns coming. We thought we had seen the last of Heather Webber, but she has much more to do. It was always planned that Heather would return and address her Franco lies. With Burton's sudden departure this impacted the arc and that is now why Heather is involved in the Ferncliff fiasco. Rumor has it we will see Heather, Todd and Lucy join forces and escape from Ferncliff.....The Pickle-Lila story is going to kick in gear. While Tracy is fearful that AJ will take over ELQ and it will seem that way for awhile, Edward was smarter then any one realized. Did Edward know AJ was still alive and that is why he took measures to protect the company to make sure if the SEC came after them his assets and ELQ would be protected. Tracy believes she successful hid ELQ's true financials from Edward. He proved more crafty and outsmarted her. Enter Pickle-Lila. Insiders are saying that ABC retained the license to Skye Quartermaine and hope to persuade Robin Christopher to return to GH.......AJ offers Duke a job, Will Duke's connections and ELQ go hand in hand?.......Expect more returns come March/April..... Alcazar anyone?

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