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I'm trying to be patient in watching this story unfold; trying to read between the writers' lines because I agree on the surface for Sami to turn to EJ simply on the terms that Rafe and she have take opposing sides regarding Gabi and Will's debacle doesn't bear enough weight.

So, I look deeper. She was totally team-EJ at Daysaster and just after the show returned. She was waiting in that LBD for EJ when Rafe showed up. The tables turned. Her focus turned to Rafe (and EJ). I felt, at the time, this was to give hers and Rafe's backstory closure, which hadn't been done. Plus emotionally, for Sami, it was easier to go to a tried-and-tested relationship with Rafe then brave uncharted territory with EJ.

The triangle solidified and has been spinning since then.

In interviews I've read that both Alison Sweeney and James Scott have demanded that if/when a "relationship" between Sami and EJ were to be realized, they wanted it to be woven into the story slowly and built up over time realisticly. We all know the writers are worthless at realism. But I think this has been their goal here. The actors can only do so much with the material they're given.

I have seen a slow building relationship between EJ and Samantha and, thus, a reason she now turns to him when she finds total disgust with Rafe's behavior with regards to her son and how she feels "maternally." EJ has worked very hard IMO to just "be there" for Sami over the past few months- no strings. This is a unique position for him. (Although among many forum boards I'm not seeing much impact or forgiving spirit.) Many have seen this as a weakness in EJ, but I believe the writers are trying their damndest to portray him as a changed man FOR THE LOVE OF A WOMAN- SAMANTHA!

At any rate- I have waited for Ejami for a very long time. I hope the wait is almost over.
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