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Jan 27 2013, 05:39 PM
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Right. But I think the point was that you can't, on one hand, state that Sami shouldn't let Rafe "stronghand" her - whatever the hell that means -- and, at the same time, be claiming that Sami and EJ are the bestest. Because Rafe hasn't done anything to Sami that compares to December 2006, however you view that Event.
My comment stemmed from the fact that one of us thought Rafe should "use a strong hand" & I was responding to that not really any particular character.

As to the characters I wouldn't have a Relationship with EJ, Sami, Lucas, Hope, Jack, Steve all because of violent behavior.

I wouldn't have a relationship with Rafe, Daniel, Winston because they are boring, douchey, and overall gross.

Mostly, I wouldn't that've a relationship with any of them because they're not real & because they're not real I suspend my ideas of what is acceptable & what isn't and root for the characters that appeal to me the most.
None of us believe that you wouldn't have a relationship with EJ.
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