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Jan 27 2013, 12:15 PM
Oh, I think people complained, not 'everyone' but I don't see 'everyone' complaining now about this either....it's sort of the same thing...some people are having issues with it and others are thinking the ones having issues are jumping to conclusions because it's only been 2 or 3 Salem Days or what not....I just don't trust Tomlin and Company to do anything that 'makes sense' and leaving Lucas out of this story makes no sense....and it's something he would definitely do.
I totally agree with you here. Lucas being shut out of this plotline is totally illogical, and yet from spoilers it seems its become more a case of who Sami will plant herself underneath next. At least when Lucas advised his son he...I don't know...made sense and gave him a needed thunk on the head that he needed. Will's focus needs to be on his child and not Sonny. Now if only SAMI could learn the same thing it would be a good thing. Really, Lucas is the only parent Will has with a brain. Tomlin however seems to think we LIKE watching idiots bounce around like mosquitos in a bug zapper so bring on Sami and her tfained puppy Everett-neutered because Sami keeps his testicles in her purse.
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