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Jan 27 2013, 08:55 PM
Lucas isn't "shut out" from this storyline. He's interacted with Will, Sami, EJ, Justin and Adrienne so far and this leg of the storyline just started. IMO, it looks like the "problem" some have is that EJ is involved in it at all. It looks like he'll date Will's mother, has a nice relationship with Will right now and Nick digging into Will shooting him might come into play again so EJ will play a role in this. Moreover, it looks like everyone from the 30s set will be involved in some way. Even Nicole gave some advice to Gabi. I can't remember the last time they shared scenes prior. It wouldn't surprise me if she stays involved in this s/l somehow.

I think folks are rushing to judgment to this just a tad. I think Lucas will have a significant role in this story.
No - not so. I disagree. My frustration is not solely that EJ is involved in the story. I have tried to be very fair about this worry, and tried to reasonably explain the cause of my concern. I mean, yes, for as much as I dislike EJ, of course I would like him no where near a story that could very well involve Lumi or just Lucas in a significant way. And that is me speaking as a crazycrazy fan of a pairing, obvi. But that's not what this is about. I have reasoned that it's not nonsense that EJ is involved. I have stated why I think he is in the story, and those reasons range from character-driven to more plot-driven, and I have issues with some of those reasons more than others. But whatever - those are my complaints to bear.

And you are right, thus far Lucas has not been shut out entirely. Yes, he had a very nice convo with Will. And then he went away for maybe a day "Salem"-time, but nonetheless several intervening scenes in "me-watching" time. He shared a couple of words with Justine and Adrienne - they showed his support for Will which I loved, but still a couple of passing words they were. And then Lumi shared a scene (again, yes only a day or two Salem time post-wedding, but still several scenes after the fact in "me-watching" time), and I think it was about 40/60 EJ/Will related. Fine. Of course I desire more as a fan, and I am not a blind/deaf hysteric not seeing or hearing when Lucas is on, so it's just fine.

The concern now is informed, as Lysie aptly states, by BD's tweets; by recent spoilers that are not gospel certainly, but seem to indicate EJ and Sami are at the helm; by the general lack of airtime Lucas receives (and since this is a story he deserves a spot it, if he is marginalized that will be most frustrating); and maybe most of all by what truly appears to be the thrust of the narrative as it involved Sami (which is to tell about Safe collapsing and Ejami rebuilding, and also lots of yelling at/hatred harboring towards Gabi).

Now, we may have differing opinions on what "shut out" means - I as a fan of Lucas, and as someone who sees this as a story that holds great potential for him, will be disappointed if he is not featured fairly consistently - not just a cameo once in awhile. And of course I want Lumi involved - they don't have to be romantically linked together certainly, but I think a partnership between them as Will's parents makes sense. And I don't think I am out of line assuming, informed by these factors, that Lucas might just be treated as a secondary or tertiary player. But I would much rather be wrong and stand here with egg on my face, than to see this suspicion come to pass.

I can certainly see ppl unhappy with Rafe when the tried to play father to EJ's kids - that is a completely understandable issue/gripe to have. And I am not equating that situation to this hypothetical one, or even BLAMING EJ or anything, thinking that he is mounting some evil, insidious plot to shut Lucas out. I mean, it is not outside the realm of possibility for EJ to act like a bit of a prick and be dismissive of Lucas. But I am not saying that's what is or will be happening. My concern stems from what I perceive to be the show's attitude towards featuring Lucas, and so far the show hasn't been very eager to do so. The shipper in me might be petty and pissy at EJ, but the reasonable fan has just been upset with the show so far in re: Lucas, and so I am suspicious. And I am not trying to make a case about how incredibly, criminally wronged and victimized I have been as a Lucas fan and how dare Tomsell!!!!. I am only making observations and simply saying that, should this reasonably-informed fear come true, that would make me sad. That's really all this boils down to.

The story is nascent, as I have repeatedly said, so I definitely hope I am proven foolishly wrong and Lucas plays a big part. I wouldn't bet on it though.
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