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Jan 27 2013, 08:55 PM
Lucas isn't "shut out" from this storyline. He's interacted with Will, Sami, EJ, Justin and Adrienne so far and this leg of the storyline just started. IMO, it looks like the "problem" some have is that EJ is involved in it at all. It looks like he'll date Will's mother, has a nice relationship with Will right now and Nick digging into Will shooting him might come into play again so EJ will play a role in this. Moreover, it looks like everyone from the 30s set will be involved in some way. Even Nicole gave some advice to Gabi. I can't remember the last time they shared scenes prior. It wouldn't surprise me if she stays involved in this s/l somehow.

I think folks are rushing to judgment to this just a tad. I think Lucas will have a significant role in this story.
Once upon a time I cared enough about Sami to care about who she dated, I no longer feel that way. My focus has completely shifted away from that shit....will I always have a soft spot for Lumi? Sure...I've shipped them for 20 years, I think that entitles me to that...but the only reason I might want to see Lumi revisited and that is pretty much when the show ends, is because I want Lucas to be happy and if that makes him happy then so be it.......but if you've noticed the calls for Lucas to get a storyline away from this mess started right around the time before the cliffhanger when it seemed certain they were going with Ejami. So no, I don't believe that what you are saying is completely true regarding people having an issue that Ej is in the story and that he's dating Sami....I believe primarily the frustration is coming more from them not even allowing Lucas to have a story, to not have a romantic interest (not even a day player), and then to top it all off he doesn't appear to really be in this storyline ENOUGH. AT this rate Rafe will get another love interest before Lucas does....I guarantee you if Lucas had another love interest and we saw him in a story away from Sami and he appeared just enough in this story for it to make sense then there would be no one saying shit.....of course then comes the possibility that he'd be paired with the Taylor's of the world..at this rate, I'll take Taylor over nothing, lol....

and Tom....he tweeted in the beginning of December about story/airtime, etc.
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