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When did BD send out his tweet that asked for people to tweet their support - was it before the hoidays?
Before the xmas holidays? Yes - it was around December 10th. He could have been reacting to a drought that came after the Wabi storyline's denouement - in December they were what, shooting what will be seen in March? So this story is barely begun and it's practically February - I am not convinced it will be over by March.

It's all just speculation really - I am not ready to storm the Bastille or anything. I am just suspicious and trying to explain why that suspicion isn't the product of craycray hysteria. But I guess it could very well be - I've pretty much lost it with this show at this point. :stars:
They tape 15 weeks ahead, so Dec. 10 would translate to the end of March. I would ithink the baby arc story will probably be resolved for May sweeps.
OK - end of March. Still don't think the arc of this story would have ended by then. And I am not sure I agree that tptb would want this resolved by May sweeps - seems in might be ratcheted to a higher/different level for then.

But I could be wrong - we shall see.
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