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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

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Before the xmas holidays? Yes - it was around December 10th. He could have been reacting to a drought that came after the Wabi storyline's denouement - in December they were what, shooting what will be seen in March? So this story is barely begun and it's practically February - I am not convinced it will be over by March.

It's all just speculation really - I am not ready to storm the Bastille or anything. I am just suspicious and trying to explain why that suspicion isn't the product of craycray hysteria. But I guess it could very well be - I've pretty much lost it with this show at this point. :stars:
They tape 15 weeks ahead, so Dec. 10 would translate to the end of March. I would ithink the baby arc story will probably be resolved for May sweeps.
Really? I don't think so. Tomlin is better at long term storylines than that.
The story has to change somewhat once the child is born though.....from now till it's born is one part, then comes another part...this reminds me of the different reveals surrounding the baby switch....grace/syd reveal, sydnapping, sydnapping reveal, etc....
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