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Cheryl to Kev: "You could've had this and you want that? She's some kind of nympho, has three drawers full of dildos"

Veronica: "What you doin going through my sh!t, bitch?"

Debbie: "What's a dildo?"

LOL. That was an EPIC scene! V BEAT Cheryl's ass and got her to sign those divorce papers LOVED it!

So wait a minute. I hope this isn't the end of Ian's relationship w/Jimmy's dad because we still need to see the fallout of Jimmy finding out. I kind of didn't like how Ian left him in the cold like that. And I'm still a bit confused, is Mickey really into Ian or not? Loved that he spied on Ian's date. When they ran into the alley I was really expecting a scene where Mickey lets Ian know he wants him or something like that.

Thought it was really interesting when Lip expressed his feelings on Kash/Ian. Good scene.

I LOL'd forever at the Lip/Pedophile teacher stuff. That was raunchy as hell. Ugh at Mandy having to ruin all of it by the end of the episode.

Wow. I was really disgusted by the child abuse in this episode w/Frank & the baby. And how disturbing is this plot of him making Carl think he has cancer? OMG!
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