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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Lord Grantham is such a douche. I can't even remember why I liked him during Season 1 at this point. Every time he is on screen I just want to throw something at him.

He's a bad business man who can't be trusted with money at all. He treats Edith like shit when she tries to make something of her life after he wrecked her chance at marriage. He doesn't listen to a single thing Matthew says but was more than happy to cash his check. His douchebag doctor killed Sybil and he barely even takes any responsibility for it... just ugh!!! And that's after he randomly sort of cheated on Cora last season? Fuck off and die douche.

As for Sybil's death, I was not expecting that! I mean I knew she was a goner the second that she had her baby and they were saying she should just go to sleep and I knew that she was going to die then, but I'm still so sad because she was probably my favorite character in the Crawley family. And weirdly I didn't cry seeing her siblings react to her death, but the reaction of the staff just wrecked me.

Also, FYI, Downton pulled down a SAG award tonight for best ensemble acting drama. Go Downton!
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